Maine Families understands that all parents want the best for their babies. Our caring and professional home visitors partner with parents and parents-to-be to access the information and resources that can support the physical and emotional health of their baby and entire family.

This website provides information to parents, professionals and interested citizens about Maine Families, including locations and contact information with links to many parent resources.

Get Started

Parenting your new baby is the most important job you will ever have. It is also the hardest! That’s why you and all Maine parents will love getting the information you can trust, the support you need when you need it, and an extra boost of confidence from Maine Families. Maine Families is on your side and we come right to your home. No matter what you need to give your family a great start, we are here to help you. Maine Families parenting support is free and just a phone call away. If you are expecting a new baby or have a baby less than three months old, let us know how we can help.

Your Family

One of the most important features of participating in Maine Home Visiting programs is gaining access to the best possible child health care information. We address some common health concerns you may have, including immunizations, child development, safety and finding a doctor near you.

In addition to providing a safe, healthy and loving environment, parents play a significant role in their child’s brain development. While every child learns differently and at a different pace, new parents can watch for milestones appropriate to their child’s age.